invisible line not selectable

• Aug 10, 2020 - 04:49

I made a pedal line invisible by checking the line visible checkbox to be false.
Now I can't select it to change it's properties.
It should still be selectable even though it isn't visible.


If I use the select all similar elements function I can delete the unselectable pedal line, but there is no other way to work with it besides delete it and create a new line.

An invisible line is needed for sustain in handbell music since the notation doesn't use lines, but there is no other way to mark an Let Vibrate with correct handbell notation and have it play as a LV.

This is a problem I agree should be fixed. Perhaps you should put in a suggestion (that's what you select for the severity) at with an explanation of the problem and leave everything else at their defaults except check the "Workaround" box since I'll explain it next.

To workaround this, enter another pedal line that is not invisible somewhere close to the invisible one. Select all of the measures affected by both pedal lines, right click the visible one and choose Select>All similar elements in range selection. You can now use the inspector to manipulate both at once. i.e. make both visible, change a property or whatever you need. When you don't need it any more, delete the extra line.

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