Specific bugs in Musescore 3.5 including echoes.

• Aug 10, 2020 - 15:21

I have upgraded to every new release including betas and never experienced a problem. My computer is Intel i5 chipset-based with 12 GB memory. I'm a retired software developer and pianist.

Every note is giving an echo and sounds bad. It is not your usual MIDI through echo.

Musescore is sometimes remembering the MIDI settings I enter but not showing them as being set.

I have retried setting to factory settings several times and does not seem to change anything. I searched my computer and found a 3.0.2 version and it works fine. Oh, and the OS is Windows 10 and G force integrated video.

My MIDI input is a Roland RD-2000 or an Akai Pro MKII Mini. It is not a corrupt score or any of the other things that have been suggested.

It may be chords sounding, but I guess I didn't realize that Musescore has that feature like Finale 12 full does.

I have tried every workaround I can think of. Maybe I'm missing something as my brain cells are getting pretty old. But the problems are so diversified with this release that it looks like a corrupt build to me.

The 32-bit version exhibits the same problems as the 64 bit.

It think this build needs to be pulled and the next most recent be published for download. Although I seem to be getting by okay with 3.0.2. I can go back to Finale 12 but I've become a little more proficient with Musescore and it is 64 bit,



So you are saying this did not occur on your system using 3.5 beta, but does in the final release? Anod nothing else changes about your audio configuration? Can you describe more about what you mean regarding the echo - when exactly this happens? What if your output device? Any non=default soundfonts installed?

MuseScore 3.5 definitely does have chord symbol playback, that is one of its major new features. You can disable it using the Play checkbox in the Inspector for any given chord, or hit the "Set as style" button to turn it off score-wide.

So maybe that is all it is?

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