help with auxiliary percussion instrument list on parts

• Aug 11, 2020 - 15:24

I'm writing a percussion piece that includes two "percussion" parts, one with a snare drum, bass drum and crash cymbal and the other with a triangle, tambourine and wind chimes. on many of the auxiliary parts I've played, the instruments are listed underneath the part name in brackets. I was wondering how I would do that, as in if there is a specific text option I should input (I ask because I've tried inputting subtitle text to show instrument names, but the text shows up on every part). thanks (picture attached of what I am referring to)

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You can edit the long instrument name in the staff/part properties of the percussion staff. The long (and short) instrument names permit carriage returns so you can have a second line as in your picture. You can also change the font size for some of the words, but I don't remember what you would write. I know that if you wanted part of it in italics you would type

< i>partname< /i>

(with no spaces) there is a similar command for font size, perhaps someone else knows what it is.

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