By hitting playback it stops by itself at a double bar with tempo change or programm does not respond for a while

• Aug 11, 2020 - 23:13


After downloading the newest version (3.5.0) I've opened my orchestral score to work on it. The problems I've encountered in the newer version:

  1. When playback starts at the beginning, no issue. When reaching a doublebar with tempo change the programm does not respond for 10 seconds and playback stopps.

  2. When I hit playback 10 bars before or 44 bars after the doublebar (with tempo change) the programm does not respond for 10 seconds and playback continues afterwards.

Thing I've tried and solved partially the issue:
- One short term solution I've found was to press 2 times the spacebar in a very short time. The programm didn't respond for 10 seconds but after that, playback works perfectly again. However, when I apply some changes to the score the problems reappear.

Things I've tried and did not solve the issue
- I've already tried to deinstall and reinstall 3.5.0 but had no luck.
- I've created a new file, adjusted instruments and bars and copied everything (with Ctrl-A) from the old file into the new file, problems reappeared.
- I've tried to reproduce the problem by creating a new file, adding notes, creating some tempo changes and double bars (together). Playback had no issues.
-I've reseted factory settings, no luck.
-I've deleted a lot of bars except the ones having tempo marks and/or double marks and/or key changes. Problem 1 didn't appear but problem 2 appeared more harmless. Instead of taking 10 seconds to start playback it took 1-2 seconds and the programm didn't respond eventually.

I'm not sure what could cause these problems, except a performance issue or a regression but thats why I'm here :D.
Thanks in advance for any advice or help.


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Added. (Note: I've deleted some bars but the bugs still remain) -- Removed since it got fixed.

Something strange while testing: When I delete all notes from a bar after the last key change the problems/bugs are gone. However when I test in the original version it doesn't work.

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Curious, I'm on windows 10 (with a minimal machine otherwise) and I don't have this problem. Which operating system, CPU and memory do you have?

I have other problems because of my minimal machine that is similar but most definitely different than what you experience. For a very long time, when I press play it seems my machine is trying to wake up and stutters while it gets going. Once it starts playing OK I restart where I want it to play from and it does fine.

There is one other thing in this score you didn't mention, this is where the bass drum starts in your snippet. When a new instrument is introduced to my score, I get the same thing as when I first play a score. I'm not sure your problem is the same as mine, but it's worth looking into.

I can't imagine why the double barline and tempo change would cause this on only some machines. Do you have other songs with a similar situation? Do they do the same thing?

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Didn't worked first. But I isolated the instruments causing these problems, the voices (Women and Men). I deleted them, added them back and rewrited their notes. Tho 5 minutes later the problems came back. I've decided to delete them permanently until a new update comes out. Problems fixed (kinda) :D

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Does the problem go away if you use the mixer and mute the voice parts? What's strange is that there is no notes for either voice at m29, they don't happen until much later. Also, I've been concentrating on the bar line at m29, is this even where the problem is?

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It seems you deleted your reduced score you uploaded earlier. I'd like someone else to check your score. I have a different set up in my synthesizer than most people and the problem may very well be with the synthesizer. BTW, which sound font do you use?

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I do not know your specs but if you accumulate thousands of notes in one score containing over hundred of bars, add on some Instruments crescendos that take atleast over 50 bars. Added to that, change the synthesizer -> dynamics to very expressiv (deutsch: "zu expressiv"). It may be a way to reproduce performance issues.
The names of the instruments aren't relevant.

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In the second score you posted there is a very long crescendo in the vocal part. Is that the one you said was deleted. Plus I loaded expressive sounds. Was the crescendo problem because it extended over a 15 measure rest and playback had no way to deal with that?

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Answer to 1st question: Yes, it fixed the problem by deleting it.
Answer to 2nd question: It does not change much whether the 15 bars had notes or not. If I'm not mistaken the crescendo took 32 bars and my computer did not respond for a while because it took a lot of calculating/working time (around 10s), which eventually caused to stop the replay (when starting the replay at beginning). Resume: Programm did not respond because of a very long crescendo.

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Please forgive me if I don't seem to be understanding you, or I'm not getting my meaning across to you. If I understand you, you say that the second score you posted had the 32 measure crescendo deleted. But it is still there from what I see. If that crescendo stopped your computer, it didn't stop my modest machine. I have a 6 year-old laptop that I have not gone easy on. W 10, 8 gb ram, The only upgrade on it is the addition of an SSD. All pretty moderate by today's standards. Unless you are using something like a 4gb ram Surface Go, most computers should be able to handle anything MuseScore can throw at it. Actually, even that should work. You also said that you thought that your computer had to calculate that crescendo before it could start playing the score. I could be wrong but I don't think the software works that way.
You say that deleting the crescendo worked for you, and I know that's all that really matters. I am just trying to figure out for myself why that worked.

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I'm sorry if I explained things wrong (it's common for me ;-) ). The score uploaded has the crescendo still in there. The score I have on my pc got changed since. Other words: Uploaded score got crescendo. Crescendo on my pc had been deleted.

My laptop has the same stats (if I'm not mistaken) as yours. And yes, Idk exactly how a pc works but calculating was more figuratively speaking.

Ask me anything if something isn't clear.

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What happens if you don't add the crescendo until after the 15 measure rest? Or even a few measures before the FF. Just as an experiment. Since the full crescendo plays on my system, I'm just wondering if the problem on your system is the marking itself, something about the marking, or something else entirely.

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