Repeat Barlines Not Working

• Aug 12, 2020 - 07:41
Reported version
S4 - Minor

So, I have recently installed the latest version of Musescore into my Computer. There were some peculiarities with the software. It had installed a backup for every score that I've made (even the ones I've deleted but I digress).

I load up one of my scores that has repeating barlines and start playing it. As the section leads up to the repeat, I am filled with anticipation. But then, the repeat fails to do its function and proceeded to the next bar! I was appalled; my jaw dropped in disgust, my ears had never been offended than before. I had the setting on, and I checked if it was on or not (Yes, it was on) and it still wouldn't repeat the bar.

Now, I've chalked it up to three possible problems:

  1. Something went wrong as I download the update; the solution would be to reinstall the software once again.
  2. Something went wrong with the development, which I highly doubt, as the function wasn't touched.
  3. My Computer is a brick, and there's something wrong with it; thus I must get a new computer to replace the 8-year old hunk-of-junk I currently have.

Needless to say, this bug has been a great hindrance to my overall experience. I struggle to open up my compositions and continue to develop them, as I know my ears will be thoroughly disgusted and disillusioned once a repeat doesn't do its function.

But here is the process I've used to replicate the bug.

  1. Go to latest Musescore with the most recent update
  2. Create a composition with end repeat barline
  3. Play composition; if the bug is present, the end repeat won't perform its task and will continue with the next bar

This is my first time reporting a bug, so please don't go hard on me! :(