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• Aug 12, 2020 - 19:28

Since updating to version 3.5, my chord symbols automatically started playing back. (Especially annoying in the piano AND bass lines.) I've tried disabling through "Preferences>Note Input>Play Chords/Chord Symbols..." (see attached screenshot), but it still plays. Can anyone walk me through another way? Thanks for any help!


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Hmm, the point about having the chords on multiple staves is a good one, basically it means chords get doubled. The solution is to mute the chord symbol sub-channel for all instruments but one.bols consistently

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It was a nice surprise when I was editing one of my big band scores! I understand how it’s helpful, but it definitely made me scratch my head when I heard block voicings rather than what was written. If it would be sensitive to instrument too, that would be super helpful. I ended up hearing block chords in nearly 3 octaves between bass, piano and guitar! :) muting it via mixer was definitely the quickest option for me!

Thanks for your reply!

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