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• Aug 13, 2020 - 02:25
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I put a "Fp" dynamic on a note, but the p was too low - I wanted more of a "Fmp". So I went into the inspector and changed the velocity change setting to more reflect a Fmp setting. I edited the Fp symbol to put a "m" in the middle. The "m" gets very small like a subscript. Didn't know how to edit the "m" to make it larger. I got the "m" from copy/paste another "mp" I already had in the score. FYI: This happened on 3.4.x also.
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This isn't the forum so I'm closing the bug report. The forum is located at for future reference. You can access it through the Activity menu below the blue banner at the top of this page.

To add a dynamics letter to an existing dynamic,

double click the dynamic to put it in edit mode
Move the cursor to where you want the letter to be placed
press ctrl+shift+ the letter (legal letters are f m p z r s and n)

This only changes the display. You can control what that dynamic does using the inspector.

Velocity sets the velocity (volume) at the start of the note. Velocity change changes the volume after the initial attack by the amount entered. Negative numbers are softer and positive numbers are louder. You can see for more details and follow the internal links there for more explanations.

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Sorry, but I had not been EXPLICITLY told that this was a bug. I was vaguely told in one sentence that my issue did not belong in his post. Was does that mean? Had he told me this is not a bug AND here is how you fix it, I would have. Even if he had said, "this is not bug, there is a series of convoluted keys that do what you want" I would have been happy.
As for being told to post to a forum, many issues that turn out to be bugs ARE posted to the forums. So again, vaguely saying "post to the forum" doesn't tell me anything. The forums are very vague as to what is an issue that gets posted to the "BUGS" forum and what gets posted to the "ISSUES" forum.

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Thank you. Based on that, I probably should have put it in the bugs forum since it was a perceived bug at that point. BTW: I tried Mike's solution. It works, but has the odd side-effect of zeroing out the "velocity change" setting forcing you to reset it. Maybe that is intended but why?

Since this is a non bug report, I'm not concerned about confusing someone trying to understand another issue.

It is a bad idea in a bug report to change subjects. They are intended to make it easier for programmers to understand the bug so they can fix it. Including instructions on how to do something totally unrelated may cause confusion to programmers, especially something so similar in appearance but totally unrelated to the issue at hand. You had previously posted in the forum, though as a response to another reply, so I expected that you knew how to use it.

People here (including me and Jojo) are happy to help you understand how to use the program but you need to read our answers carefully so you understand what we are saying.

In the future, please post questions in the forum first and someone will tell you if there is an existing bug report when appropriate (with a link so you can see it) or ask you to post a new bug report if necessary. If done properly (which Jojo and I normally do) the link we provide you to a bug report will be reciprocated and any discussions in the forum will have a link to the bug report.

If you always start in the forum I would hope no one would tell you it's wrong. Most questions you ask could be justified as a support request.

Pardon the terse manner I answered you previously and as our good friend Shoichi likes to say, Buona musica

When the velocity is zero it the dynamic has no effect. This is considered better than keeping it at some unrelated velocity that probably isn't what you want.

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You are right Mike. I had about a 30 second intellectual debate with myself on where to post this. In the end, I thought, "Well, this is kind of, sort-of a followup to your advice about how to edit the dynamic markers, so I thought, Eh! one more comment won't hurt - especially since you closed the issue so it won't be going anywhere. By closed it, you kind of turned it into a regular comment posting.