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• Aug 13, 2020 - 05:16

I recently uploaded a score with custom sounds/SoundFont. I am having an issue with the playback of the harp and vibraphone as they do not play at all. This does not appear to be a problem with the other instruments as I can hear them play.
I have tried updating the score, reposting it, and even check the SoundFont itself, but nothing seems to work.
The SoundFonts for the Harp and Vibraphone are from Aegean Symphonic Orchestra


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That tells me you used Save online from the program (or clicked the cloud icon on the toolbar) You didn't by chance have those instruments muted when you uploaded the score?

It seems your scores are private so no one here can see what you uploaded. Private is the default visibility of a score when you use Save online. If you want someone to look at what you uploaded, you'll need to change it to public and make sure you permit downloads. You can set it back to private with no downloads later.

It's midnight here in Texas, so I'm about to go to bed. Europe is waking up right now, so someone else will likely help you more for the next several hours.

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You need to click the 3 vertical dots to the right of title and choose update score and change private to unlisted. There will then be a share secret link option on the score page. Click that and post that link here.

I get the same results you do when I play your score online. I uploaded the score to my account using Aegean Symphonic Orchestra also. I tried both the auto damper and open versions of both the Harp and Vibraphone and the sounds worked fine. I'm not sure what's different than what I did when I uploaded the score and checked the upload score audio box.

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I forgot to look, which version of MuseScore did you use to upload it? I'm not sure when they last updated the back end on I'm pretty sure they hadn't on 13 Aug, but they may have since. This could make a difference in my results as well.

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I have too, but this is different. Why don't you try to update the score online using version 3.5. As I implied, may have been updated to properly handle 3.5 scores now. I don't know for sure, and those who do know won't be up for a couple more hours.

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The score doesn't play in the Musescore software on my computer when I use it with the ASO soundfont v3.5.
ASO v3.5 has the same modulator codes as the Musescore's default soundfont. The only difference is they don't have expressive patches (all patches are already expressive).

I think something has changed in the synthesizer interpreter codes.

The solution is to use ASO 2.5 universal (This version doesn't support CC02 single note dynamics, but can be used with CC11). And it doesn't have this problem (I think).

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