More robust right-click menu

• Aug 14, 2020 - 21:47

It would be nice if the right-click menu was much more robust. I know in Finale, you can virtually do anything with the right-click menu. Suggestions would include:
1. Solo/mute an instrument
2. Do anything to an element that the "inspector" allows. Oddly, the right-click menu has an "edit element" option but it doesn't seem to do anything.
3. You can change an instrument with right-click but oddly, it is under "staff/part properties. I would say, if all you wanna do is change the instrument, it should be under an "Instrument" option.
4. Change the key starting at the measure you are pointing at.
5. Change the time signature starting with the measure you are pointing at. You can change the "actual" time signature, but not the notated time signature. Weird.
6. Do anything to a part that the "mixer" screen allows.
7. Add a palette element at the point of the cursor. Prolly would have to have right-click sub-menus to do this.
I am sure there are other right-click menu options that others can think of.


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AH! OK. I guess there was a reason for doing that. It's not just inspector. It would be nice if right-click could handle some of the mixer duties, or synth duties, or palette duties, especially changing clefs and time/key signatures. Just a little more ergonomically efficient to do as much as possible with the mouse. Microsoft learned that a long time ago. You can do 90% of notation with right click menus in Finale, probably Sibelius also, though I have not used Sibelius.

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