Tempo symbol not displaying correctly

• Aug 15, 2020 - 08:39

The tempo symbols in this score do not display properly on the web. I realise that this is probably an issue with .com rather than .org but just wondered whether there is a known workaround? The symbol is in font FreeSans at 14pt.




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They were initially simple tempo texts but the note symbol was too small. I increased the font size but then the numbers were too big so I made them a separate text. Why should this affect the note symbol? It works fine in desktop but not on the web.

Not sure what Bravura font is since I'm not aware that I use it anywhere.

I downloaded your file and opened it in desktop but it's like my initial version: the symbol is too small for me. Increasing it then makes the numbers too big. Also, it's all in bold for some reason and the bold button in inspector does not switch this off.

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You can also double click them into text edit mode, then only highlight the part to change and use the text toolbar at the bottom to affect only formatting of the selected characters (such as only changing the font size).
Consider re-adding those markings then back into your tempo-palette

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