[Notation-based] Best approach for in-score dynamics VS. Mixer volume sliders?

• Aug 15, 2020 - 22:17

I checked the MS manual, but did not find clarification as to how individual channel volume sliders impact the dynamics in a Notation score. (Haven't touched any piano-roll input yet.)

Should all the Mixer sliders be set to some baseline, then all instrument volume(s) be solely regulated via score dynamics?



Not necessarily. The soundfont I use most often has a too loud clarinet, so I turn it down in the mixer so f in the score for a clarinet doesn't sound like it's the solo instrument. In my opinion, all of the instruments should play a reasonable dynamic level when they have the same dynamic mark. It don't want a clarinet f to have a velocity of 86 and the bassoon need 105 velocity for the same f dynamic.

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