How do i create this

• Aug 18, 2020 - 06:36

Could anyone tell me how i create this please, i have searched through the manual yet unable to fathom out how this is done.


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sorry jojo i still can't grasp how to do this.
i have added a screen shot of the bar i am having trouble with. as you ca see i have a minim half note as the first note, i am able to add a dotted 8th, but just can't get a sixteenth rest to go underneath as voice two.

I have tried numerous times but obviously missing something or doing one step wrong.
I am really struggling to grasp this, could you help in step by step please then i may be able to understand it better.

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you will have to put the two first Eb notes in voice 2.
1. enter everything except the sixteenth-rest and the first two (smaller) Eb notes.
2. switch to voice 2.
3. enter a half-rest under the half note F. (and make it invisible in the inspector, or do that later)
4. enter a sixteenth-rest
5. enter the two initial Eb notes (and make them small in the inspector)

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