Midi keyboard settings bug

• Aug 25, 2020 - 10:37
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S4 - Minor

I have a huge problem with midi keyboard settings.
Every time I chose the MIDI in and MIDI out settings, they're not saved properly, even when I apply. Because of this, my keyboard doesn't work, forcing me to return to factory settings every single time I have to make the keyboard work. The keyboard works perfectly on its own, but this bug is starting to become annoying.


The clipbard in Help > About will tell, for me is gives:
OS: Windows 7 SP 1 (6.1), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 43c5553
But If your Windows is 64bit, and MuseSscore is not in the "(86) folder, it probably is 64bit
So what about your Windows?
What about the MID drivers?

Windows 10 comes in different flavors. 64bit and 32bit among them
And there certainly are drivers for that keyboard, no device works without. Even if you didn't have to install them.

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Regression No Yes

Same problem here, but worst. I can set up my midi In and Out, but if I click Apply, then OK, then reopen the menu, nothing appear in MIDI in or out, I can make a video if you want. I've tested with push2 (user and live port) and IAC bus. I'm on MAC OS hight sierra 10.13.6

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I have problems all the time with my Keystation and Musescore - one moment it's working, next moment it isn't, with no obvious logic to it. Sometimes restarting the program will fix it, sometimes not. Sometimes resetting to default settings will fix it, other times not. Sometimes just opening a new file will fix it, but usually not. And sometimes it'll be working fine until I open another program on my desktop, and then it will stop - but sometimes not.

I've seen threads on this going back years, and I've tried all the fixes that have been suggested. So no, it's not just that one user can't be bothered to follow a few simple instructions to set up their keyboard. Many, many people have similar issues, and they're not all down to simple user errors. There's an answer lurking somewhere, but if I have to be an IT engineer to identify it, I'd call that a bug.