latest version of musescore says to update and wont let me open any .mscz files.

• Aug 27, 2020 - 05:28

re-downloaded latest ver of musescore from the homepage and the direct link, whenever i open a .mscz file it shows me 'Please update the application. The MuseScore team has released an update to the application's security settings. In order to reinstate access to scores, update the application via PlayMarket for Android and AppStore for iOS. We apologise for this inconvenience caused.'
Problem is, I'm on my mac. And its Musescore 3.5. Whats with this???????

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I suggest that you not run MuseScore until one of the developers respond to this post. I sent a message to them in hopes that someone would respond. Europe is about to wake up so I hope you get a response in the next couple of hours, it's bedtime here.

Bump. Encountering similar problem on the iOS app. Updated to version 2.6.8 on an iPad as prompted but getting the "Please update the application" message on various scores. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app and the problem persists. Not all scores are broken, but the ones broken stays consistently broken.

Could you post a 'broken' score?
Looking at your screenshot, I get the idea that it's not a popup or so, but that the score has been modified and the message is saved inside the score. (I hope the rest of your score is not damaged...!)

What is the history of the broken scores?
- Have they always been stored just locally on your Mac? -> Then it would be really crazy I think.
- Were they stored online? -> Then my hypothesis is that the problem is in the online version.
- Have you ever opened them on iOS/Android? -> In that case I would assume that the problem is there.
- Or are there some other special things that have happened to the scores?

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