Add notes and change stem / flag direction

• Aug 28, 2020 - 15:03

In Sibelius, when C is highlighted, typing "3" adds an E. Is there a similar feature in MuseScore? Also, how change the direction of the stem / flag from down to up for the top note? Third.jpg


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Mike320, I've read that link, thanks! I don't see anything about inserting voices.

Shoichi, Pressing "i" displays Instruments" on the screen. I do not see Piano and Voices.

When I select Vocals => Soprano, Alto, Baritone, Bass, It inserts separate lines for each part. How do I have it combine Soprano and Alto on the same treble cleff (ditto for Baritone and Bass)?

You can also add intervals Alt+3 would add an E to your C alt+5 would add a G to your C. you can press X to flip stem directions.

So to enter you notes in the treble clef I would press

n 5 c alt+3 x

which means: note input mode, 1/4 note, c, add interval 3, flip stem. As you can see, the last note entered is still selected for most actions so the X will flip the stem on the last note or chord entered.

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