SATB has extra rests-what am I doing wrong?

• Sep 10, 2020 - 13:32

I was working on homework for one of my classes. For some reason when I entered the four voices, the soprano line ended up with a row of rests under the SA staff (at least it shows up the same colour as the soprano line when I have all four voices highlighted like in the picture.) I know it has to be some simple thing I managed to click incorrectly, but ah, could anyone please tell me what that simple thing is?

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As (IMHO pretty clearly) described in you should not be using voice 3 and 4 for Tenor and Bass, but voice 1 and 2

So now in the bottom staff

  1. Swap voice 3 and 1
  2. Right click a voice 3 rest, Select > More... >Same voice, Del
  3. Swap voice 4 and 2
  4. Right click a voice 4 rest, Select > More... >Same voice, Del

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That makes sense. Sorry, I saw the part a few lines down where it said "Enter voice 1 notes first: Make sure you are in note input mode : the Voice 1 button becomes highlighted in blue in the toolbar. Voice selector Enter the notes in the top voice first." and it somehow overrode the first part of that in my brain.

Thank you for your help.

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