Missing files/unnamed

• Sep 10, 2020 - 18:29


I believe a lot of my files (that may have been corrupted due to technical errors) have gone missing. I find that they are renamed and when I go to open a new file It isn’t on my computer. I can only access these files through “open recent”. If it is an composition, I can’t access it.

Please help me fix this, I have nearly 6 months of missing work.

Adam Aronesty


Most likely you did something to change the directory you see when you choose Open from the file menu. Open a score using the recent file menu and choose the menu File->Score Properties. At the top of the window that appears is the path to that score. Write it down or remember it then close that dialog (cancel works since you didn't change anything) use Open and navigate to the same directory and you will see your scores. You haven't lost any files...probably.

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If you're saving them they are on your hard drive. If they're not then it is something besides MuseScore deleting them because MuseScore doesn't delete files. You need to search your hard drive for your missing files. Search for all .mscz files starting at the root and you should see all of your missing files. Figure out where they are and then you can come up with a way to put them where you want them, probably in the folder where MuseScore looks for them.

Search the entire disk for files with the extension ".mscz" (or ".mscx"), those are your scores. Search for files with the extension ".mscz," (or "mscx,"), those are backup scores

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