How to Turn Off Fretboard Diagrams Sounding in Play?

• Sep 10, 2020 - 19:01

How do I turn this off? I've checked the mixer but I don't see anything but mute for the guitar.

This must be a new feature since it only started to sound on play on my current upgrade. I do need it off because I have a a guitar staff and the score doesn't always have a full strum on the 1st beat of a chord change (where the fretboard diagram is).


You should be seeing the chord symbol channel in the mixer, though. If you have a score where that isn't working properly, please attach it here so we can investigate.

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There is one.
Open the mixer, press on the left channel the little right arrow and you will get more faders. One of them is for the chords, where you can mute or influence the volume. See the red circles.
ScreenShot Mixer.png
[Musescore V 3.6.2]

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