Style text doesn't apply correctly for some texts in 1.3 scores

• Aug 27, 2014 - 13:26
S4 - Minor

1/ Open the attached score, with part already done,
2 / look first piccolo part (I tried also with Flute1 part)
3 / Click Right on Piccolo (Part Name) ,
4/ "text style..."
5/ Modify
* I tried
-- bold, Bravura, size 20 and 30
-- bold, Comic sans MS, size 20 and 30
-- bold, Gabriola, size 20 and 30
6/ I only could see the bold in the text
either font and size aren't changed

Note : Other style text as "number mesure" on the orchestral score seem to work well changing size and font (Free serif to Comic sans MS and size 8 to 13 and 17)

Question : is it normal that it is (in mscz) 6 time bigger than Musescore 1.3 (I couldn't even join the mscx one) ? Is it because part are linked to the score and already created ?

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One another thing : Instrument with name with flat (or sharp ?) symbol like BbClarinette and BbTrompet appear bigger ...

could we in text like "instrument long name" ; "instrument short name" and "instrument name (part)" replace flat symbol with b and sharp symbol with I don't know (but we don't have a lot right ???)

Note : I also tried to change style of title , that works size , offset , and font

"Compositor Name" and "Instrument Name(long)" and "Instrument Name (short)" seems to have the same problem than "Instrument Name(Part)"

About "Instrument Name (Part) " : offset and Frame works pretty well

I can't reproduce from scratch in 2.0beta1. I think it's due to your original score being a 1.3 score.

The mscz now contains the parts too. That's why it's bigger indeed.

Title Musescore 2.0 Beta1 : Style text (Instrument Name Part) doesn't apply correctly Style text doesn't apply correctly for some texts in 1.3 scores
Status (old) active fixed

The 1.3 instrument names may contain some html tags which override the 2.0 style. Next nightly allows to edit the instrument names as low level html texts. This allows to remove these html markings.
If you remove all html markings (except ...) the instrument name will change to style settings.

in the last nightly build a4c3b56 I opened the 1.3 score attached above

I go to staff properties after selecting the Instrument Name (long) ,
I can modify them with "..." (but individually) and just size change not font....

I don't find also HTML tags ...... Where are they ?

You sure you have the right build? If you still see the "..." your build is too old - Werner removed those buttons completely from the dialog.

When I load your file into the most recent build, right click the Flute1 staff, and select Staff Properties, the Long Instrument Name box contains HTML markup. If I remove it, then indeed, the name responds to the text style (both size and face) normally.

Oh, now I can see it (R54f4fc3) , like you describe..........??? (but I don't have the same computer here is XP pro 2002 SP3 ; yesterday niight , was 7 (don't know which one) )

but will I have to do it for everypart in the score...? I can't (didn't find) how to "automatisate" it ...?

EDIT : For the "Insturment Name (Part)" in each part (first part page) you can "Restaurer le style par défaut" (I have it in French that would be something like "reset defaut value" ... ). also in Beta1 that I didn't see before.....
That works (I don't see HTML though) ; but you have to do it to all parts....

PS : I didn't remember to have change font and size creating the score in 1.3.......