Musescore crashes when trying to remove strange line object/beam

• Sep 12, 2020 - 02:42
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Load the attached score I have included, and look at the title page upper left corner (using standard "Page" view). There is a dark line there (I suspect has moved from another place in my score where I added line marks to show melody shifts in this arrangement) and if one touches a cursor on it, or touches any point in the title frame (the small anchor boxes etc) Musescore crashes. This also keeps happening when I use cross-beam notation and want the notes to move into a unified direction (either up or down) and when I touch the notes beam bar with the cursor the program constantly crashes. I've tried re-installing and to no avail. I am running the most current version of Musescore for OS X.

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Title Musescore crashes constantly (Max OSX Catalina 10.15.6) whenever I try to remove strange line object in "Page View" of attached score. Also happens regularly when I use cross-beamed measure and want to switch direction of notes. Musescore crashes when trying to remove strange line object/beam

I guess this is likely a consequence/one of the possible scenarios of this known issue: #16278: Beaming notes over barlines and line breaks
And maybe also in relation to cross-staff notation? Excepted if already known (I don't recall exactly right now), further checking probably needed.
For this score, the problem is located starting of page 2, measure 32: beams are missing/out of place, see:


Select this measure, go in Beams palette -> Click "Auto"
Or in menu "Tools" -> Reset Beams
Also, change the layout, e.g. add a system break in measure 30

And you get: Scarborough Fair 1.mscz

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Thanks for your help. Subsequent to sending you the score copy, I've completed some more measures by copying the entirety of the measures and inserting into a new score -- but as I hope you can see from the attachment now have a new problem where (often but not every time) during playback the score slows and a great deal of electronic static is heard in the background as if Musescore is struggling to play through because of some kind of software "glitches". I've never had this problem save for this score I'm working on. When I take out the led pedal markings it for some reason seems to improve the situation. Right now with the attached updated score I'd say it's happening at least thirty to forty percent of the time when I attempt playback. Thanks once again for any help out there.

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