Playback breaks with ASIO driver

• Sep 15, 2020 - 00:05
Reported version
S3 - Major
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When using the ASIO audio driver, upon trying to play a score the sound becomes a glitchy mess and playback is extremely slow, as shown in the attached video. If I change the audio driver to something else, change it back to ASIO and hit Restart Audio and Midi Devices, the sound is mostly fixed, but stutters a bit. Closing the program and waiting 3 or so minutes will cause the sound to break again. This only happens when using ASIO, all other audio drivers function normally, although the glitchiness persists after changing to a different driver and a restart of Musescore with the new driver selected is required to fully fix it. This happens regardless of what score is open, I've tested it with 10 different scores.


Frequency Once Many
Reported version 3.5 3.6

This is still an issue that drives me crazy. Playback is borderline useless.

Status active needs info

I'm having ASIO installed too and no problem
I do, on occasion, need to toggle the MIDI button (off and back on) to get playback to work again, but that might die to entire different reasons (me building other MuserScore versions myself and runnung them too)

Workaround No Yes

Also, the original issue described here is about one specific driver only, and it mentions the problem goes away when switching to another. So assuming you have the same problem, that's the workaround. If you are experiencing a different problem, best to ask for help on the Support forum and include more details about your system - the audio hardware your are using, the driver you have tried in Edit / Preferences / I/O and the results you get with each, etc.