Can Not Glue The Note With The Rest Note

• Sep 15, 2020 - 14:03

Hi there, I want to report a bug, (I've sent the picture)
I need to glue the "A Note" With the Rest Note on the right side,
but there's a bug that interrupt me to do that.

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There is no bug. Select the note that will not beam to the previous note and in the beam properties palette choose the middle beam note that looks like a 16th note with a beam coming from both sides.

And/or set the beam properties on the rest you want the beam to cover.

If you continue to have trouble, please attach the actual score, not just a picture.

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How about this?

Bug_Report 01.png

Bug Report 01.mscz

Your original mscz file had notes/rests in different places to what is shown in the .png. I changed the mscz to agree with the png.

The rests labelled "M2 have "beam middle" applied. The rest labelled "S" has "beam start" applied. The third 1/8th note was a bit more of a challenge. I moved it to voice 2 to prevent the beam joining to the fourth 1/8th. The rest that follows is also in voice 2 and has beam middle applied. I had to adjust the placement upwards as the voice collision avoidance had moved it away from the standard mid-staff position. You may want to play with the beam slant. I left it as MuseScore placed it. The notes and rests moved to voice 2 are labelled V2. Everything unlabelled is in voice 1 and has "auto" beaming applied.

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