When changing instruments, hide all key signatures except the staff that changes

• Sep 16, 2020 - 07:58

Hi everyone. My issue is this. I'm copying a big band chart, the 1st alto changes from alto sax to flute regularly. The first time I change instruments, only the sax staff undergoes a key signature change (good. exactly what I want always). After that, any time I change the instrument for the sax staff, all the other staves in the score get a redundant key signature that I can't get rid of. Help! xD

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Confirmed in 3.5.0.

Experimenting with a minimal score I find it works as expected if I add an instrument change from the menu Add>Text>Instrument Change. But it works in the bad way that you experience if I add an instrument change from the palette. So there is a workaround, but it should work the good way however you add the change.

Also, I think the behaviour has changed since v 3.3. If I recall correctly and as described in #298489 at that time Musescore only changed the transposition. The new key signature had to be added manually. It looks like that has been automated (I can't find when it happened) and it is now a bit overenthusiastic and sprays key signature around with abandon when an instrument change is added for from the palette after the first time.

I suggest you add this to the issue tracker.

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Yes, that looks the same.

What is very odd is that I can not now reproduce the fail from my earlier experiments, even after restarting MuseScore. I see the superfluous treble clefs in the examples you gave in #30884 but again not the superfluous key signatures.

Self healing software?

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One way to (almost) always make it happen is to set up a score with no manual system breaks. Chose the last measure on a system and add the instrument change there. The new system breaks cause it to happen in what used to be the first measure of the system before the instrument change. I'm sure I've seen it in other places though.

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Odder and odder...

When I tried your actions I did indeed see the spurious key signatures.

For the record, I am taking a freshly crated AATB sax quartet line up (not from a template) in Cmaj concert as the starting point and adding changes to flute or sop sax and back again in the Alto 1 part.

Further experimentation shows that this also happens if you add a local key signature to the first stave in last measure of a system. I again started with AATB saxes and in Cmaj concert and added a single flat key signature to the last measure in the top stave. It correctly shows as two sharps. The other key signatures are also correct showing 3, 2 and 3 sharps for ATB but repeated in the courtesy signatures.

Perhaps the instrument change is a red herring. It is the local key signature that seems to be the trigger.

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Hey everyone I don't have time to sift through all this just now but I wanted to thank you for everyone's prompt attention to the issue. I will try the first workaround mentioned where you just add text and engage the instrument change from there.
Y'all are the best #musegang

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