Bug with saving tremolo

• Sep 16, 2020 - 21:09

I want to have tremolos in the old fashioned style (see attached screenshot). Have problems saving them.


  1. crotchets d g d g (A on screenshot)
  2. tremolos added (B on screenshot)
  3. chosen "all strokes attached to stems" in inspector (C on screenshot)
  4. save file
  5. exit Musescore
  6. start up Musescore
  7. Open the file
  8. Result: the presentation has reverted back to B.

Works like that every time for me.

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If you attach your actual score rather than just a picture, we can investigate. A couple of people have mentioned an issue with this but so far no completely reproducible steps have been posted. It works for me when I try it with a simple test score.

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Thank you! I opened your file and the tremolos were as I like them except for one in the cello (M. 31) which you apparently forgot to fix. I decided to use this for one more test: I corrected the measure, saved, closed Musescore, reopened and my correction was reversed while your correction survived the save/close/reopen sequence. I am attaching this score below just in case that tells you something. I also fixed M. 31, then saved and exported a Pdf. It shows the measure fixed (not sure that says anything either).

Since the file is far from finished (there are four movements!) this is not urgent at this point.

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Indeed, I didn't notice that one.

So, I think I am seeing something strange. I tried fixing measure 32, and it worked - but then 29-30 were broken again. So I fixed those and saved, and it worked - but then 32 was broken again.

I can confirm looking at the file itself the issue is it not being written correctly. Somehow I guess the property that says whether the stroke follows the score style or not is not being recorded or honored correctly. We should be able to look into it from here, thanks!

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Oh, one other thing, and a workaround that in many cases is better anyhow: if you want all such tremolos displayed this way, just use “Set as style” (the “S” icon). The problem only affects tremolos that are different from the style setting, so the bug won’t appear, and plus it saves you from having to set them one by one.

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