Can an expert check my score for any bugs?

• Sep 17, 2020 - 14:48

Again, i know, this is my third forum, but i never received an answer for the second one and the first one was also left without response.
I was working on Highlights from Muppet Movie for Band this summer. Suddenly, my score kept crashing multiple times when I was working on it in the middle of August. I couldn't save any changes without it crashing. Some weeks later, I entered the score and worked fine.But i am afraid that working on it again will crash it and i don't want to lose the score. Maybe it is because of its magnitude, maybe it was overworked, maybe there is a corrupted instrument? If you could help me run a test to make sure that I can work on it safely. It is Musescore 3, on Windows 10.


I'm taking a look at the score for places where there are potential corruptions. The first thing I notice is that you have already generated percussion parts. I suggest that you not generate parts until you are done entering notes into the score, especially any part that contains more than one voice, like multiple drum percussion parts (like your part 1). There are things I know you can do to cause corruptions and you may lose work when there are parts with more than one voice. Some of the things I know and I think there are bug reports other things I can't reproduce reliably so for safety's sake, don't generate parts until you are finished entering the score. Get the main score how you want it to look then generate parts and you can safely set up system and page breaks and adjust locations of things that don't look right.

I don't think it will cause a crash, but m34 has a very strange stretch to it. You probably dragged the natural that currently appears immediately after the A in the piccolo. Click it and press ctrl+r and it will return to where it belongs. I believe you will then want to delete the frames before this measure or adjust them. I'm not sure why they are there.

Besides the parts and accidental I don't see anything that would cause a crash or stands out as particularly odd.

Make a backup copy of the score as it stands before making more changes. If changes cause crashes or corruption then you have a good version that you can revert back to.

FWIW, I looked at your previous posts, and it looks you got several responses, and the most recent reply by you indicated the problem had gone away, so it shouldn't be surprising there were no further followups.

If the score loads and saves fine, then it is almost certainly fine.

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