Missing Coda

• Sep 18, 2020 - 12:58

I am not sure if this post should be in the (general discussion) or in the (bug report)
I am using version
I have a D.S. in my score, and it works as I want to work but then, one of the coda disappeared.

I am not loosing my mind I know I put it there and musescore plays it and makes the correct repeats.

any help please. please see the attached file.

Thank you,

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The attached file doesn't help much. All I can see is that there is no jump mark in the circle.

If it plays correctly and it was there before, the chances are it has moved somewhere where you are not looking. Try adding another copy of the missing mark somewhere else. Then right click on it and select all similar. Then press CTRL+R to reset the marks of that type to their original position. An easier way to get it back into position is just to select all and press CTRL+R but that will reset every thing and undo any other positional adjustments you have made

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Since you are in version 3.4.2 I suspect you were scrolling through the inspector with the item selected and put your mouse over an offset for it and spun your mouse wheel which changed the offset making the item move. This doesn't happen in version 3.5. The other possibility is that you tried to drag your display so you could see a different part of the score and accidentally clicked the item and moved it rather than the display. The first will no longer be possible the next time you upgrade. The second will still be possible. I'm sure there are other ways you could move it by accident these are what I've seen.

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