Update Note-Length Preview

• Sep 20, 2020 - 18:56

Currently, if you press N, go to a viable location and leave the mouse stationary, the light blue note will display a preview of what the note will look like. This will contain the not length. (it's a quaternote for example).
However! If you now use a hotkey (still not moving the mouse) to change the length of the still unplaced note to, say, 1/16, the preview will still show a 1/4. Only when moving the mouse the preview is updated.

I suggest automatically updating the preview. I can't see a scenario where keeping the note-preview in the old state (ONLY UNTIL THE MOUSE IS MOVED) is preferable to updating it.
Just update it and give new users that don't have 100% correct hotkey-musce-memory a better experience by not forcing them to move the mouse to see what they're going to place.

(attached is a example picture. The light-blue note is the previewed note, the mouse was deleted by the screenshot-tool unfortunately)

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Musescore_Preview.png 52.31 KB


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