How to create a mixed chord?

• Sep 22, 2020 - 15:44


This picture basically shows, what I want to achieve. Never mind that this is impossible with just one hand on a piano, the main question is:
How can I create a (arpeggi...ated) chord where the note durations are different from each other? like shown in the picture, an example would be having a chord that contains both full notes that get held down for the whole measure and at least one shorter note, like a quarter-note.

Whatever I try, I can't seem to be able to reproduce this picture.


I think you can do it by making the notes of different durations different voices. I would make the quarter notes as voice one, and the whole notes voice 2. Then you can put the arpeggiation mark attached to the lower notes and stretch it up.

Keep in mind that playback of this will not work. You cannot arpeggiate across voices (presently). Planned.

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When you click the left/right arrow keys to move from note to note, those chords will be played.

With "voice-independent chord preview" I meant that you hear all notes from the current instrument, independent of different voices, when you move over them (using your left/right arrow keys).

la cosa è molto semplice da realizzare; rendi visibili gli elementi invisibili e guarda attentamente il mio allegato, soprattutto cosa succede in Ispettore.
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Buona musica.

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