setting slur at the end of a line and changing the number of connected notes

• Sep 25, 2020 - 14:11

when I set a slur, it connects the current note with the next one. With I can change the number of connected notes. But if the first note is at the end of a line, this will not work. See illustration.


There are a couple of way to do this but I always click the first note of the slur, press ctrl while I click the last note of the slur then press s to apply the slur. In the case of slurs that span systems, this is the best keyboard way.

When the slur is already there, you can click the slur on the second system and the grab boxes will appear. Click and drag the last one to the proper note and it will attach itself to that note. press ctrl+r before you deselect the slur and the slur will reset itself to it's default shape if it changed while you dragged it.

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Hi Mike,
thanks for the hints. I find that if I can lengthen all slurs with (shift-Right), I want to do so even if the slur is system-spanning. notabene the problem only exists if the slur starts on the last note of the system. The behaviour is not what you expect. But I admit that the described way of first marking the notes and then placing the bow with the s key is very useful.

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Slurs have a lot of unique properties, you can even use the drag to move an endpoint to another staff on a piano or another voice if there are multiple voices on the staff (though this may cause problems if the score is exported to musicxml then imported by someone else). None of the other lines allows this type of dragging because they don't need it. As long as (most of) the other lines are visible, you can use the arrows to adjust the anchors like you want to do on the slurs.

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