Making Rhythm Chart for Elementary School Music Class

• Sep 27, 2020 - 18:04

I am trying to make an 8-line rhythm sheet for use in my elementary music class. Each line is to have 4 measures.

1) How do I create 4-6 measure lines, each ending with a double barline. And put 8 lines on a single page?

2) If I place 4 eighth notes in a row on the staff or rhythm line, they are all beamed together. How can I separate them into double eighth notes?

Lelah Mahoney

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To add doubkle bars, use the Barlines palette

To add line breaks, use the Breaks & Spacers palette (or shortcut Enter).

To separate beams individually, use the Beam Properties palette. To do it for all notes, use the Time Signature Properties dialog.

In all cases, see the corresponding section of the Handbook for more info.

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