Snare theory

• Oct 1, 2020 - 23:14

So this is very specific but I need to be able to put notes on top and below the concert snare line differentiate right and left hand as that's how I was taught. It's pipeband snare scores and notes are put either on top or below the line but I don't know how to do that. Could I get some help


There's short section on sticking in the manual.

"Select a start note;
From the menu, select Add→Text→Sticking. Alternatively, set up a keyboard shortcut to do the same thing in Preferences;"

It sounds to me that you want a single line drum staff with snare drum notes above and below the line and you know which note is which hand. One limitation of a percussion staff in MuseScore is that one note can only be notated one way on a staff. This means you need to use two different notes. There are two snare drums in the drumset sounds, one is accoustic (#38) and one is electric (#40). You can use these two sounds to approximate what you want to hear by setting up the drumset the way you want. See

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