Hiding instruments in score does not hide instruments in parts

• Oct 8, 2020 - 02:57
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S5 - Suggestion
  1. Create any 2 instruments in a score. Remove one instrument checkmark to make instrument invisible.
  2. Create single Part with both instruments.
  3. Open the part and notice that both instruments are visible.
  4. Problem is that an instrument that is hidden in the score is not hidden in the parts
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Title Hide Accompaniment Instruments in Parts Hiding instruments in score does not hide instruments in parts
Workaround No Yes

The workaround requires that you select the part and use Save As... to create a new score from it. This breaks the link between the score and parts and make maintaining both a bit of a hassle.

Stumbled on it occasionally as well.

My use case is to create parts that still have some (or even all) of the instruments in them, but show only a subset.
Instrument visibility should be separated between Score and Parts imho.

Severity S3 - Major S5 - Suggestion

Sometimes though, what happens now is exactly what one wants. The real problem isn't there a way to get the other behavior when you want. Both behaviors should be available somehow. I suspect the best way is to have this property not be linked but to have it default on part generation to being the same as in the score. After that there should be independent control over this. See also #64626: Allow making staff invisible staff in excerpt/part. I haven't checked to see if the details are the same or not.

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Exactly! This is what I'm trying to accomplish. I tried Tom's suggestion and test case and it's an all or nothing deal. I need to, as you put it jeetee, show "a subset" of the instruments I'm using at certain times. I don't want ALL of the instruments displayed all of the time in my score.