Where to get the TempoChanges plugin? (Have read the articles)

• Oct 10, 2020 - 14:24


I've read this article as well as the plugins article as well as the 3rd party plugins article about five times each now....https://musescore.org/en/project/tempochanges

I'm going nuts. Obviously I have to download TempoChanges but I can't find a link to actually get it anywhere. Help?

EDIT: I can't delete this topic but in case anyone else sees this and also can't find the link, it's one of the github links at the bottom of the article. Sorry I am used to github being a forum


That is correct. Jeetee keeps his plugins on github rather than bundling them in a zip file and putting them on the plugins page like some people do.

But to be clear: github is not a forum, although It has commenting features as well. Its primary purpose is a place to store and share source files for software projects, particularly open source projects. So normally if you see a GitHub link, expect it to be for code, because that's the whole reason the site exists :-)

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