Undo of chord symbol edit does not affect playback immediately

• Oct 10, 2020 - 17:55
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1) Create new score (key of C)
2) Ctrl K to input chord symbols
3) Input C for C major triad
4) Chord that plays back is C dominant 7th.

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C major chord symbol plays C7.mscz 9.39 KB


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I see (and hear) C2, C4, E4 and G4, a regular C Major chord (with an added bass)

Have a C and a C7 next to one another, they do sound different (and look different too, when realized)

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This score shows four C chords, and they all play back as triads for me.

It could be that you initially entered one or more of them as C7 then in the course of doing various edits (possibly involve cut and paste, possibly undo) ended up with a C chord where the playback hadn't quite caught up yet and was still C7 temporarily. I've seen that glitch happen but don't know how to reproduce it. It fixes itself the next time you make some other edit that triggers the chords to be recalculated, or if you close and reopen the score. So my guess is that is what is happening here. If you manage to find precise steps to reproduce the issue, let us know.

I'm not really understanding the problem from the video, the C chord sounded like C to me, and the C7 like C7. I see you then using Realize chord symbols and playing with the individual notes, but it isn't clear what that had to do with anything. Anyhow, in order to investigate, we need a sample score and precise steps to reproduce the problem - best to just type the steps up here as it is easier to follow than a video. Soemthing like this:

1) load attached score (you'd need to attach one that has this problem)
2) click the C7 in measure 1 - verify that it sounds like C7
3) click C in measure 2 - verify that it sounds like C7 also

Ok i will try to explain it with text.... but it you hear the chords at 30 seconds of the video you should observe that the 2 first chord sound C and the last C7 like a C7.

Ok , all you ask :
the initial score
the method to reproduce :

  1. Open Initial score
    2 . On the second measure right click on C7 chord and generate notes (not sure of complete English words)
    3 On dialog box click on undo
    4 Left click on C7 chord , remove the 7
    5 CTR + Z to undo
    6 CTR + Z to undo
    7 You can now compare sounds of the first C7 chord and the second one

If i can speak as a developer, it seems me that the event of recompile chord is not always fired.

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Title "C" chord symbol plays back as C7 Undo of chord symbol edit does not affect playback immediately
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Thanks for the steps! I think the "realize chord symbols" step is not needed hear, the real key is to edit the chord symbol then undo the edit. The playback info does not get regenerated right away. This seems to be specific to use of Undo, and it's only a temporary glitch - it fixes itself if you then edit the chord in any way (including double-clicking then immediately hitting Esc), or if you close & reload the score.