Change default beaming not working. [SOLVED.]

• Oct 12, 2020 - 11:10

Got a work in progress score in 3/4 time, which by default beams 8th notes in 2 groups, 3 total - which for a ridiculously long time I have been having each bar I complete of 8th notes to group the 3 separate beaming's manually which is a pain and massive waste of time, so just learnt how to change it via the manual here:

Done so but it has not taken effect.. attached score for reference if needed.


In reply to by Jamie Holdham

MuseScore 3 and MuseScore 2 can coexist on your computer. You don't say what you didn't like about MsueScore 3 last time you tried it or how long ago that might have been, but I'll guess it's that manual adjustments made to older scores will often not look good in MuseScore 3 because the defaults are so much better now, those same manual adjustments end up being counterproductive. So, that's why we recommend keeping MsueScore 2 around for the benefit of those older scores, but to use MuseScore 3 which has vastly better defaults and saves incredible amounts of times for newer scores.

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