Unable to download, save and verify the package. Check your internet connection.

• Oct 18, 2020 - 00:39

I'm trying to download the Drumline Plugin and I keep getting this error message around 65% into the download. My internet is fine and the only abnormal thing is my musescore says that it's Unstable which doesn't make sense and I've tried to "repair" it multiple times. I can't do what I need to do without this plugin. any solutions?


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UPDATE: I did use the issue tracker, got a reply to check https://musescore.org/en/node/273939#comment-842584 and see if that works.

I was able to use the link in that thread and download the Extension, then drag and drop it into MuseScore (I'm using Windows, it sounds like the option for running Musescore from the command line might be for Linux installations) and it installed. I now have an "MDL" option under the "Select Workspace" dropdown menu in the second top ribbon.

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UPDATE 2: Awww, shoot. I rebooted computer, started Musescore again. It now takes a much longer time to load and run. Once it runs, I get a message that one of my plugins or extensions has an update. Clicking to download the update takes me to the Resource Manager.

The Resource Manager's information is Extension: MuseScore Drumline; Version: 1.3.1; File Size: 22 MB; Install/Update: Update; Uninstall: Uninstall.

When I click on Update, I get same result as before: it gets to 27-31% downloaded, then stops and says "Unable to download, save and verify the package. Check your internet connection." Yes, I did try multiple times, same result.

So, I hit "Uninstall" and now MuseScore starts really fast again.

Gosh darn it all anyway.

I am having the same problem, I try to download either the Drumline or the other package in the Resource Manager and both will not download. I get a message saying:

"Unable to download, save and verify the package. Check your internet connection."

I don't know if it makes any difference, but additional information: for the Drumline package, it stops around 27-29% if I connect straight to the internet without an ISP, or around 57-59% is if I am using a VPN when I try to download.

I also downloaded the newest version of Musescore today, that was through my internet browser and it took multiple times of restarting the download before it all downloaded. All my other non-Musescore browsing and downloading today (Oct 19, 2020) has not had those problems.

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