Deleting tuplets causing crashes and strange behavior

• Oct 18, 2020 - 20:22


I am running into strange issues when manipulating tuplets. I am working on an arrangement for a student. When I try to delete a tuplet, it will erase the whole beat from the measure (rather than replace with rests) and not permit me to input anything into the missing beat.

Other times, the program will simply crash. Upon relaunching, it will then tell me that the score is corrupted. I restore my session, save to a new file, and the process begins anew.

Thank you for your help.

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Can you reproduce the problem in that score? If so, can you explain the steps? If this is after the corruption (which seems the case), can you attach a score before the corruption and explain how to recreate it?

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Here is the original score, as well as the version that my program said was corrupted.

If I delete the tuplets first thing after opening the score, there is no problem. It replaces the tuplet with a rest. However, after editing pitches, removing measures (using 'remove from range'), or other edits, it will begin to happen again.

I first noticed this trying to remove the quintuplet in mm. 3, but it will happen to any tuplet once the problem manifests.

Measure 21, staff 1 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 26/24
Exactly the measure where you're working on the tuplet. Your issue is not as much with editing a tuplet as it is with editing a corrupt score (in which case anything might happen, including crashes).

First fix the corruption itself, then reopen the score and all will be fine. I've fixed it for you by inserting a new measure before m22. Typing in the contents of m21 (please check if correct) then selecting m21 and removing it.

Now as mike mentioned, it would be extremely valuable to use if you know/can reproduce how to create the corruption, so we might be able to prevent it in a future update.

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The original score is posted in the comment above--as far as I can tell, it is editing the tuplet which creates the corruption. Each time it happens, I can close and reopen the score and it will work for a while. Then the problem crops up again and it will tell me the new version is corrupt again, too.

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If I ctrl+delete mm17-18 then delete the triplet in the new m50 I get a corruption using the Meditation_from_Thais score. Perhaps jeetee can now run it through the debugger and see what's happening. We can then collaborate to make a useful bug report.

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My best guess is this was simply a case of code crossing, Werner had perhaps already started working on this code before the fix and the fix never made it into his branch. Or a random oversight.

I've said this before, but it bears repeating: the tick-to-fraction change was really big and it's incredible to me it didn't break more than it did, while improving so much along the way. Nice "parting gift" from Werner :-)

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