Replacing default advanced accidentals

• Oct 22, 2020 - 16:10

I would like to be able to use my own custom accidental symbol. I've been able to add the symbol to palettes and use it that way but it obviously doesn't behave like an accidental when it comes to placement and spacing notes out to create room. Does anyone know where the microtonal accidental symbols are stored in the program assets so I can replace one myself? Or know of a method to get an image/text object to behave in the same way an accidental does? (Note, I'm not trying to change anything when it comes to playback, simply the visuals on the score.) Thanks.


These are part of the musical fonts which are compiled into MuseScore itself. So replacing them would require you to recompile MuseScore yourself (currently) and not work for all other users but yourself.

I know that a new musical font is in the works for MS4.0 and it looks like enough of it will be ready for inclusion in 3.6 already. I'm not sure if changing the musical font gets any easier as a result of that.

No you can't make anything that MuseScore doesn't think is an accidental act like an accidental.

I thought I saw something in the last few days where someone was adding some more microtonal accidentals to the palette but I don't see it in the issue tracker. Perhaps no one made an issue for it and simply added the code for it, which is not a good practice for version 3. It may have only been for version 4, which is being worked on and there is a lot of work being done there that rightly is not reported on this site.

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