Version 3.5.2 constantly crashes.

• Oct 23, 2020 - 23:09

I recently updated to 3.5.2 (I think a week ago?), and since then I cannot open the app at all. I remember installing it as normal, then it told me to close the window where Musescore was opened. I tried to do so, it didn't work for some reason, so I just told the computer to restart after the instalation. Other than that, it was totally fine. However, now every time I open the app it tells me that the last session quit unexpectedly and no matter what I choose it opens the main page for a second, and then simply closes. This has happened for multiple days, with me having restarted and fully shut down my laptop (I have Windows 10) in between these trials. With my limited tech understanding, the simplest solution to me would be to delete the program and reinstall it, but I am not certain how to do this in a way to not lose my files and perhaps, there's an even simpler solution that I am missing? Thank you so much for your help!


Try double clicking a file and see if MuseScore opens that way.
If it does, then go to Edit → Preferences and uncheck the start centre.

This problem has returned. Just installed 3.5.2. It was okay in 3.5.0 but the version I had previously (maybe 3.2.?, don't remember) behaved in this manner. I have disabled the start center. Has anyone figured out why it is occurring?

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There was a report that certain files could not be close. One option was to retry. If that didn't work it said to continue anyway but then you would need to reboot. Chose that option. The file that could not close was listed many times as if something is not closing down and remaining after Musescore is close. Anyhow, the problem with the preview has been "fixed" by deselecting it in preferences.

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