Print a part for several instruments / transpositions

• Oct 25, 2020 - 13:58

It is pretty common that euphonium parts are printed in both concert pitch (bass clef) and as a transposed part (treble clef for Bb-instruments).

I don't think this is possible today, but I would like a feature where I can add additional transpositions for each part.

Another use case:

When writing a score for a brass quintet (Trumpet (Bb), Trumpet (Bb), French horn (F), Trombone (C), Tuba (C)), one would like to work with the score in consert pitch. That works perfect today, of cource.

When printing, one would get 1 part for each instrument by default. As it is today.

But it would be nice to be able to get alternative transpositions for each part.

Eg. be able to print the french horn part (which is in TC-F by default) as these transpositions:
- Flügelhorn (Transposed to TC-Bb)
- Trombone (Transposed to BC-C)
- Alto saxophone (Transposed to TC-Eb)

I cannot find a way to solve this today. I need to create 4 instruments, and copy the french horn staff to the other instruments every time a change is done.

This is also needed when writing simple grade 1 music for concert bands. You write a 5-part arrangement, for instance, and you want multiple instruments to be able to play each part.


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Thanks. Now I see how to do it.

I was initially thinking that the "Concert pitch" toggle button was a global setting for the edit mode you wanted to work in.

I see now that it is a property that follows each part individually. That's great :-)

(I'm still in need for the feature that transposes to other instruments as well, but this will solve the euphonium-issue).

I've been involved in many discussion through the years on this topic. I think there is a suggestion in the issue tracker but I seem to be looking for the wrong words. I do think this is an excellent idea and the reasons you give for it are the best I've seen so far.

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Hopefully it will become a feature sometime in the future, then.
(I could perhaps dive into the plugin-functionality as well, and se if it's possible to create a plugin for this).

We're arranging a lot of music for a very mixed combination of musicians these days, and it is needed to give the same part to several different instruments. Would be nice to get them produced automatically.

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