Toggle key for Hide empty staves?

• Oct 28, 2020 - 12:43

I'd like to be able to write directly into a full score, but I'm doing this on a laptop. I therefore set the hide empty staves feature in the Format ->Styles page. It'd be very useful if there were a single key toggle on/off for this function, as otherwise it's necessary to change the Format.>Styles entry every time a hitherto silent (or recently silent) instrument is added in. Is this possible now, or would it be a useful feature request?

If it comes to it I could use one of my other machines with a much larger screen, but a feature like this could help many people I think.

Ah - just spotted a solution. Switch to Continuous View, which brings up the whole score - and then revert back to Page View. I think that works.

It would be good to have shortcut keys to switch between or toggle Continuous View and Page View.


Please add this to the Issue tracker as a Suggestion
I'd second this, would indeed be quite useful to be able to assign a shortcut to it. Not sure whether it should come with a default shortcut (and if so which) though.

Actually 2 issues I guess, one for the view modes and another for hide empty staves

For the view modes, I agree on shortcut usefulness.
Less so on one for Hide Empty Staves; I'm not against making the action something that you can assign a shortcut to, but I definitely would advise against a default shortcut.

You're simply "abusing" this feature to cater to your smaller screen size. IMHO it would make more sense to make use of the possibility to toggle instruments visibility alltogether; for example by using the timeline (F12:

What you might not be aware of, is that you don't need to turn off Hide Empty Staves to start entering notes on a hidden staff. You can from a visible staff make use of the next/previous staff commands (Alt + ↓/↑) (pay attention to the status bar) which will also move to those hidden staves. Then go into note entry mode (if you weren't already) and start typing. The staff will appear as soon as the first note is entered.

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I probably agree about default shortcuts.

Is there not a way for an end user to assign a custom shortcut to any action? Maybe, as I'm using MacOS I can do it there instead, but it would be good to have some form of shortut or macro assignment within Musescore.

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Is there not a way for an end user to assign a custom shortcut to any action?
There is as long as it is defined by MuseScore as an "action"; which many things still aren't. See Edit → Preferences → Shortcuts for the list of currently available actions.

Hiding empty staves isn't one of them yet; so feel free to add that as a suggestion into the issue tracker.

EDIT: see below, I misremembered and the action is available as something to assign a shortcut.

Maybe I'm missing something, but it is possible to define shortcuts for both of the requested actions. In Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts, type "hide" into the search box, you'll see the "Toggle 'Hide Empty Staves'" command there ready for your custom shortcut to be defined. Type "view" into the search box, you'll see "Toggle 'View Mode'" command there, with a shortcut *already defined: Ctrl+Shift+V on Windows (presumably Cmd+Shift+V on macOS).

And as noted, the keyboard shortcuts for navigating staves work well for entering notes onto hidden staves, I use this all the time. I've got "[" and "]" set as custom shortcuts for this because I do this sort of navigation so often.

I have a shortcut for both Hide empty staves and Toggle between page and continuous views. I assigned these in Edit->Preferences->Shortcuts.

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