reduce the distance between staves in a single stave score

• Oct 29, 2020 - 13:36

Hi I know this will sound very simple but I cannot find how to reduce the distance between the individual staves to shrink the space used for a piece of music that is for just one voice/instrument so I can get more lines on a page. I find the proper nomenclature difficult so I mean each group of five lines!!


"System" is the term you are looking for here. You are right to say it has only a single staff / stave (US / UK terminology). A system is one "line" of music that includes the set of staves for all instruments in the score, but if there is only one staff, it's just a system or one staff.

Anyhow, you can indeed reduce the minimum system distance in Format / Style, but I would be careful about that, it will likely lead to music more crowded than you would want. It's often better to actually reduce the staff size instead. if you attach your score we can advise better.

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