Tito Edmo

• Oct 29, 2020 - 15:44

Please, how can I clean the Musescore Home Screen? I want to remove saved scores.


If you want to remove the scores listed under "Recent Sheet music", these are your own scores. So you need to open each one, with right-click > Open link in new tab, then on the new tab click the "3 dots" menu on the right and choose Delete this score. That removes the score completely from musescore.com, but does not affect any original file you may have on your own desktop computer.

If you want to remove the scores under "Favorites", these are scores owned by others. So in this case you need to open each one, with right-click > Open link in new tab, then on the new tab click the Unfavorite button.

And just so you know, questions about the MuseScore website are better handled on musescore.com - specifically on https://musescore.com/groups/improving-musescore-com
These forums on musescore.org handle questions about notating music with the MuseScore free notation software.

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Daniel, I appreciate your help, but this is not about "recent scores" or "favorites". However, I want to make up for your generosity by explaining how I managed to solve the problem.
When you open Musescore, the Home Screen appears with the scores you have already saved. I opened the score I wanted to delete. At the top of the screen, I clicked "File"> "Score Properties". In the new window, I followed the "File Path", and deleted the score.
I closed and reopened Musescore. On the Home Screen, the score was no longer there.
Thanks again. A brotherly hug.

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I really suggest that you don't delete scores that way unless you are sure you never want to be able to open it again. If you want to clear out all of the score in the Start Center (Home Screen doesn't exist in the program) you can open the Files menu, move your mouse to recent scores and at the bottom of the list is an option to Clear Recent Files. This will clear all songs from both the recent files list and the start center but you will be able to open them later if you want to.

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