Clashing Notes

• Oct 31, 2020 - 01:08

I've been experiencing the tamber of some notes in different staves, particularly if they're the same instrument (e.g. Trumpet 1 and Trumpet 2) playing the same notes, changing, and I believe that this throws the playback off.


Have you gotten any specific example of such a scenario?

But yes, when the exact same note overlaps on the same sound channel, then one note could be eliminated in favor of the overlap according to the single instrument piano model. If you could share your example, then people here can assess whether this is the case or whether you've found a new bug.

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If you mean the last note shown, same pitch on two different staves but same instrument, then yes, the laws of physics can be a harsh thing at times, but you are hearing the effect of two identical waveforms being superimposed on each other and causing various audio artefacts.

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