Create a keyboard shortcut for sharps, flats, and naturals

• Nov 3, 2020 - 02:44

I think it would be nice if there was a keyboard shortcut for sharps, flat, and neutrals because it would be easier to work with.


You can. Open Edit->Preferences->Shortcuts and define the accidentals. There are also double sharps and flats if you want them too.

I mostly add accidentals with the arrow keys, and use the plguin for courtesy accidentals, so I almost never need shortcuts for the accidentals themselves. Only for things like Cb, for which there is also "J" to change spelling after using Down.

However, that said, ever since the change to accidental entry where now you select the accidental first, I've been trying to discipline myself to take advantage of this more, and so I have added shortcuts myself. I wouldn't mind seeing them added by default, but choosing them could be tricky. I've settled on Ctrl+Alt+Shift as the modifier, with b, h, and # for consistency with how it works within text, but it's not easy to love. Other options I considered create conflicts with other predefined shortcuts I'd rather not displace, or they lack some sense of consistency.

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