Staff type changes aren't correctly moved when a measure is inserted

• Nov 6, 2020 - 15:03

When I insert a measure before a staff type change, everything moves to the right to make space for the newly inserted measure, including the staff type change symbols, but the measure these symbols make reference to isn't changed.
A feasible workarond isn't possible when one has a lot of staff type changes, because MS doesn't currently support copy-pasting these elements.


I think the best thing you can do at this point is explain what you are trying to do. You statements are quite vague and no one is likely to be able to give you useful help or write an coherent bug report to get it fixed. The goal is to help you.

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I think I understand. Enter a staff type change in a measure. Then select that measure and insert one measure: it is entered before the staff type change, not after it, which is where the OP wants it. I seem to recall seeing something similar mentioned in the forum recently, but I can't find it now.

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If SeverBlower is right, it would be easier to insert a measure before the next measure, then select the measure with the staff change and press r to copy it automatically to the next measure. You can then delete the contents of that measure and you didn't have to retype everything.

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There is a similar problem when trying to insert a measure before a double bar. It would be nice to have an "insert after" command so that one could select the measure before a double bar and insert a measure between the selected measure and the double bar.

Start with this and try to insert a measure before the double bar

Insert before 1.png

and you get this

Insert before 2.png

Whereas what you want is this

Insert before 3.png

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I won't argue with that. All system items stay attached to the same physical measure no matter what it is. There do need to be both an insert before and insert after as well as the current append options (which always appends to the end of the score).

Edit: I see you found the suggestion and I updated it to include this discussion.

I think I didn't make myself clear, sorry for not being more specific. My problem is that every time I insert a measure anywhere before a Staff Type Change, the measure this element references gets shifted one to the left.
I'll attach before and after screenshots that might help illustrate the issue:

After (clicked on measure 4, pressed 'insert'). Notice the difference in the cello and bass staves.

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