Make copy/paste between transposing instruments preserve concert pitch

• Oct 18, 2009 - 15:54
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

I have noticed that if I copy notes between two instruments that transpose differently, e.g. between a Bb clarinet and a C flute, the positions of the notes in the staff are preserved, so a flute G copies and pastes to a clarinet G, which is a different note - concert pitch F.

I would prefer it if copy/paste preserved concert pitch. That way I could copy a line of music from, say, a flute, to a clarinet and the pitch of the notes would be preserved, so the entire line would be notated one tone higher in this case when presented on the clarinet staff.

Philosophically-speaking, a clarinet A is the same note as a flute G, so copy/paste ought to honour this. It is only the presentation that is different. (Sorry to get philosophical on you!)

There is a work-around in the current version (0.9.5). If I tick the Notes>Concert Pitch menu item then copying and pasting preserving the note staff positions does also preserve pitch. But this is inconvenient for instruments that transpose by intervals of an octave or more, and it also means regularly switching between Concert Pitch and instrument pitch in the Notes menu.