set "layout stretch" to a value for all measures

• Nov 8, 2020 - 11:09

Hi all,
I do not seem to be able to set a specific value (for me typically 0) for all measures for "layout stretch".
When I select the whole score then right click on "measure property" and write 0 in "layout stretch" it applies the action only to one measure.
Any advice?


I will often ctrl+a then press { 10 times (the max effective) so I know it won't do anything else and I'll know I need to use a different method if the measures don't fit on a system. I use system breaks on every system so it's doesn't affect systems it doesn't need to. You can't set a measure property for every measure at once, you have to set it for one, apply it, click next and so forth. 1074 times for one of my files so I use the ctrl+a method.

BTW, I'm not sure if setting 0 for stretch for all measures would actually do anything different from simply setting 1.0 as the Spacing value in Format / Measure / Style. That combined with perhaps an adjustment to the minimum note distance or other settings in that same dialog would be the usual best way to achieve arbitrarily tight spacing without needing to resort to stretch overrides.

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