Pitch range select

• Nov 11, 2020 - 23:05

Is there a way to select all notes in a staff by pitch range, for instance, Highlight all notes in this staff from F3 to F4?

This would be useful in evaluating a part's tessitura.

If it can't be done currently, maybe it should be a feature.


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Thanks for the reply. I knew about the ambitus but not about changing it with the Inspector. Trying it out though doesn't seem to do what I was thinking of. What would be really useful would be to be able to highlight all notes in a given staff from one pitch to another, and this doesn't seem to be something you can do with the inspector.

The nearest I can get to what I want is to select the whole staff and look at the piano keyboard, but that doesn't tell you the "focal point" around which most of the notes are organized, which is what's needed to analyze tessitura.

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What you could try to soften your pain in the meantime is to open up the staff properties of the staff to analyse and change the amateur range for it. If you have the color notes outside range preference enabled you'll at least get some on-staff visible feedback

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As mentioned, depends on the tablet. WIndows tablets run Windows programs, yes. But iOS tablets run only iOS programs, and Android tablets run only Android programs. ChromeOS tablets run only ChromeOS programs, but that also includes Android and Linux, so that's actually pretty flexible. Linux also can be installed on any Windows tablet. Not sure there are any tablets that run macOS - yet...

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