Export to musicxml cut short

• Nov 15, 2020 - 19:08
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  • Load exercise.mscx
  • Export to musicxml

Only the first 12 measures get exported

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When I exported it to musicxml it was complete. Can you attach your musicxml file?

Sorry, one more question, what makes you think only 12 measures were exported? Did you import it to another program or examine the musicxml?

The musicxml you attached is complete. When I open it in MuseScore I get all of the measures even though they are slightly differently formatted.

I see. When I import that musicxml file I consistently only see 12 measures. But when I save it as midi and import that, all measures are indeed present again. But if I export the musicxml file to mscz and import that, still only 12 measures.

I'm on macos big sur if that matters.

Ok, attach the defective imported file. It's not out of the question that import or export works slightly differently in mac (you) vs windows (me) due to reading and writing routines. Perhaps the mac is stopping for some reason. On my windows system, measure 12 is on page 2 with a page break and measure 13 starts on page 3 etc.

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For some reason, you get 12 more measures than I do when you import it. I show a corruption and can open it, even with my xml viewer so this needs to be looked at by someone who can look at it in a debug build.

As a test, open the attached musicxml I created to see if it works for you.

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Exercise.musicxml 164.7 KB
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That one opens just like the one I made. I guess a Mac user will need to look into the problem. Which OS do you use in case that makes a difference?

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I renumber the measures at two point by entering a negative number after "Add to measure number", and measures after the first renumbering don't show up. If I insert measures before the renumbered measure, those show up when I re-import the musicxml.